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Lincoln County Republicans are invited to 4 quarterly meeting each year.  That’s where you will meet other local Republicans and have an opportunity to hear what’s new locally and nationally.  Our meetings are usually held in Davenport, during the week in the early evening and last 1-2 hours.  Annual dues are $20. 
2024 will be a very busy year!
  2024 caucuses are complete!  Three pooled caucuses were held where we elected delegates to the Lincoln County Republican Convention.

 The County Convention, March 3, was held in Davenport at the County Courthouse,  the delegates, along with Precinct Committee Officers, voted to elect delegate from Lincoln County to go to and vote at the State Republican Convention.  The 2024 WA State Republican Convention will be held in Spokane (close by!).

The WSRP convention in Spokane will be held on April 18-20, 2024.  To attend as a delegate (from Lincoln County) there is a $125 registration fee.  At the convention delegates to the National Republican Convention will be elected.  The 2024 National Republican Convention will be held in Milwaukee on July 15-18, 2024.

Stop by the Lincoln County Fair, August 22-24 in Davenport at the fairgrounds.  Rodeo and live music, food and entertainment for all ages. 

Come see us at our Republican booth!  


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