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Lincoln County Republicans are invited to 4 quarterly meeting each year.  That’s where you will meet other local Republicans and have an opportunity to hear what’s new locally and nationally.  Our meetings are usually held in Davenport, during the week in the early evening and last 1-2 hours.  Annual dues are $20. 

2024 will be a very busy year!
  2024 caucuses are complete!  Three pooled caucuses were held - in Wilbur, Harrington and Davenport - where we elected delegates and alternate delegates to the Lincoln County Republican Convention.

 Lincoln County Convention
March 3, was held in Davenport at the County Courthouse, the delegates, along with Precinct Committee Officers, voted to elect delegates and alternates from Lincoln County  to vote at the WA State Republican Convention.  

WSRP Convention
in Spokane was held on April 18-20, 2024.

Day 1
- was the State Party meeting where party business was conducted and the State Party Committeeman and Committeewoman were elected.
The WA State Republican Party, in order to eliminate a "jungle primary" where multiple Republican candidates run for a single office, and confuse and split the votes,  conducted an endorsement process, where the delegates voted to single out one candidate per race that would be endorsed by the  WSRP, to make the primary vote simpler.  All candidates will be on the ballot but only one per race will hold the endorsement from the party.
Lincoln County
- is one of 12 counties in eastern WA, in Congressional District 5, represented in Congress by Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  After 20 years in Congress, she is not running again and 9 candidates filed to fill the seat.  After speeches and voting, delegates in
CD5 voted Brian Dansel,
as their endorsed Congressional District 5 candidate.  Since then, several of the other Republican candidates dropped out and there are currently five CD5 candidates including Dansel running for that congressional House position. 
Day 2
- was the remaining statewide candidate endorsements. The 1800+ delegates in the room endorsed

Semi Bird, Governor -
Dr. Raul Garcia, U.S. Senate -
David Olson, Superintendent of Public Instruction/OSPI -
Sue Kuehl Pederson, Commissioner of Public Lands -
Pete Serrano, Attorney General -
Dale Whitaker, Secretary of State -
Matt Hawkins, State Auditor -
Recommended (non-partisan)

Judge Dave Larson, WA State Supreme Court -

Running unopposed by other Republicans are Sharon Hanek, running for Treasurer.
Presidential Electors to the U.S. Electoral College, Delegates and Alternate Delegates to the
National Republican Convention were also elected by delegates at the State Convention.

Check out the Washington State Republican Party/WAGOP
Facebook page
for press releases, articles and lots of information on candidates and party events!

 2024 National Republican Convention
will be held in Milwaukee on July 15-18, 2024.  
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 Lincoln County Fair
August 22-24
in Davenport at the fairgrounds.  Rodeo and live music, food and entertainment for all ages!!

Come see us at our County Republican booth!  

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